Welcome to Disability Racket Sports.

Disability Racket Sports was set up to help adults and children who have a disability play tennis. Our main program is run at South Ribble Tennis Center. We work closely with the LTA in Lancashire and Cheshire to increase places to play. With the help of the Tennis Foundations our hard work and support for the program grows each year.

We work hard to link places to play with local community groups, clubs and schools to support tennis sessions. We can help set up new sessions in clubs centers and parks.

For more information on the sessions already running please see places to play

For any information regarding Disability Tennis within the UK please visit the Tennis Foundation Website. If you require more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

I set up Disability Racket Sports after playing wheelchair tennis for 18 years, during this time I have oranise and run wheelchair tennis tournaments.

I had an accident in 1997 and I’m a paraplegic. I started playing wheelchair tennis in 1998, this has given me an amazing opportunity to travel the world doing something I love. I want to make sure the same opportunity’s are open to as many people as possible.

I mentor and coach adults and juniors to try and help them to achieve as much as they can for themselves. I also have a great team that works with me to make sure what we deliver is the highest quality.